Carrie Payne, LMHC, MCAT

Mental Health Counselor

I have worked for over 25 years helping people through difficult times.  I work with individuals, couples, and groups, addressing issues related to:

  • relationship difficulties;

  • personal identity and meaning;

  • coping with grief; and

  • transitions.

In the Sound Holistic Health Clinic, one such transition can be from sickness to health, not only for the body, but also for one's sense of joy and happiness.

To make an appointment, call 206-459-7031.  I currently manage my own schedule and offer appointments Monday thru Friday.


After graduation, I studied the clinical use of Imagery for three years with Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D., a master and the "grandfather" of Imagery.  In the 1950s, Dr. Ahsen began the use of Imagery in clinical practice and since that time he has written more than 40 books and shared his expertise with many students.  His "eidetic" Imagery is now part of many counseling approaches: Veterans may know Imagery as "imagery and re-scripting."  It is also part of EMDR and Energy Psychology (for example, Tapping and EFT).  Eidetic Imagery therapy continues to be a significantly powerful modality.  

From there I went on to study additional treatments such as Tibetan Chöd, Harm Reduction, and the Sedona Method.  I find these multilayered approaches provide deeper, faster and more lasting positive outcomes than just talk therapy alone.

This holistic approach allows for a customization of treatment for each individual's circumstance and ultimately helps clients de-stress physically, clarify mentally and become empowered to find solid footing in this complicated world (the existential part).  

I am a warm and compassionate person, who you will find easy to work with.

To make an appointment, call 206-459-7031.  I currently manage my own schedule.


  • Graduated in 1984 from Hahnemann Medical University (now incorporated with Drexel University) in Philadelphia, where I earned an MCAT in Counseling which couples the more traditional psychologies with a secondary study of Dance/Movement Therapy specifically, and Creative Arts in general.  The use of arts in therapy adds an experiential element.


Sorry, no insurance accepted at this time.  I currently manage my own schedule.

To inquire about fess or to make an appointment, call 206-459-7031.  

Holistic Mental Health Counseling