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What does the world need now?

What the world needs touch......sweet touch.

While right now we are being told to keep ourselves separate from one another

and maintain "no contact", our bodies, in fact, in order to stay healthy, NEED TOUCH.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for the coming fall/winter season is to discover a touch therapy that is beneficial for your overall health: one that relaxes you, relieves your stress and pain and restores you and your body's sense of balance and well being.

The therapeutic touch of reflexology can assist you "getting back in touch" with your body and its needs and give you many benefits.

Reflexology Relaxes

It induces a deep whole body relaxation response. When the body is relaxed, our immune system functions better, allowing all systems to calm down and

function more normally. Our bodies become more capable at warding off illness.

Reflexology Relieves

It relieves a person's stress, tension and pain. When one's stress load is reduced, their overall health is improved and the long list of stress's side

effects are decreased as well.

Reflexology Restores

By creating a relaxation effect and relieving stress and pain, Reflexology helps restore the body back from "fight or flight" to its natural state of homeostasis ( balance )and with it, the experience of harmony and well-being on all levels.

Get yourself set for this coming season. Enhance and Improve your health naturally with Reflexology.

Susan Pereira is a Certified Reflexologist and is accepting new clients at Sound Holistic Health.

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