Raven Many Voices

Spiritual Counselor, Medium, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Energy Practitioner

Specializing in spiritual counseling and medium communication, Raven is able to give a voice to both your spiritual team of guides but also your very soul helping you to discover your divine purpose. Through co-creation with her clients, Raven focuses on connecting you to your own empowerment and ability to access your intuition. As you awaken into the true loving being you are meant to be, you not only heal yourself but also the world around you.


Please call 360-794-6196 or email to schedule directly with me or visit www.ravenmedium.com for more information.





Raven Many Voices is a well-known and gifted spiritual counselor, intuitive, medium and teacher. She has been providing spiritual guidance to people seeking wisdom for over 20 years.

Raven began her spiritual journey in childhood, when she encountered her first teachers in the stones and streams, trees and animals – the natural world was speaking and Raven was listening. She deepened her learning with the earth-spirit traditions of indigenous peoples from the Native tribes of North America, the Aboriginals of Australia, the Celtic traditions of Europe, the Mystics of Asia and the rain forest tribes of South America.

Her ability to access and embody knowledge from the breadth and depth of many traditions and spiritual realms lead her to become a ‘Voice for Spirit’ – incorporating healing modalities from around the world into an easy and accessible format for those exploring spiritual healing, understanding and communication. She is highly attuned to both the Ascended Masters/Angelic Realms as well as the Ancestors/Earth Spirits in the service of healing ourselves, our community and our planet. She applies these teachings through channeled messages from the realms, writing, energetic and gemstone healing, spiritual counseling, and sacred ceremonies.


Services Provided:


Connect to your Spirit Guides – Discover who guides you including the Ascended Masters, Angels, Fairies, Dragon, Animal Totems and Ancestors

Energetic Healing – Discover energetic blocks from current patterns and life lessons, past life karma, and release the energy of fear to achieve joy in your life

Soul Contracts – Re-Balancing of the Mind-Body-Spirit with your soul’s purpose and learning how to re-write your current life story

Inner Soul Counsel Healing – Connect with your own inner guidance of the Mind-Heart-Emotions-Body to bring peace and clarity to all parts of your life
Mediumship – Connection to decreased loved one’s for closure and transformation
Ancestral Healing – Allowing you to clear and heal trauma that has been passed throughout your family tree
Inner Child Healing – Heal past abuse and unlock your ability to see the spirit world and express creativity

Ascension Activation – Shifting the old soul template to unlock your spiritual gifts and apply these gifts in service to your community

Sacred Ceremonies – As a minister and shamanic practitioner I offer Medicine Wheel teachings and sacred ceremonies to help you deepen your own spiritual practice

Classes and Workshops – I offer a variety of classes and workshops on meditation, chakras, energetic healing, spirit guides, angels and ancestral healing. 


Please visit www.ravenmedium.com for the current events and classes.


Insurance and Fees:


No insurance coverage offered

Free introductory phone consultations

Sessions offered: In-person Fridays only, or

Wednesdays – Fridays by phone, Skype or Zoom(online video)

Rates: Visit www.ravenmedium.com for more info  (cash and credit accepted)

Please call 360-794-6196 or email to schedule directly with me.

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