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Dr. Aubrey Wallace

Naturopathic Physician

Dr.. Wallace specializes in complex chronic illness. Her ideal patients are seeking a doctor to work with them in using their own intuition, sensitivity and passion to create a healthy life. Many of Dr. Wallace’s patients have found success in treating conditions for which they had already “tried everything else.”

Dr. Wallace has advanced training in Homeopathy, Psychoneuroimmunology, CranioSacral therapy and RubiMed assessment. Her experience includes work in Naturopathic IV therapies, oncology, lyme and chronic illness practices, 18 years as a certified massage therapist, 7 years teaching anatomy, pathology and bodywork modalities and she has been a Reiki Master for 26 years.

Dr. Wallace loves working with “sensitives.” Empathy, Intuition and Healing are central to her work. She also loves working with kids. Especially highly gifted and sensitive kids. She has experience working with: food allergies, attention deficit, autism and spectrum disorders, sleep and anxiety issues.

Dr. Wallace does not see you as an illness.

She finds mystery and wonder in the human body and its processes, the way it communicates and helps you appreciate the precise way it is designed to help you in regaining health.

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