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March 2020 - Important Information in these challenging times

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Dear Sound Holistic Health patients,  We appreciate you taking the time to read this important post.

   The clinic is open for normal business hours to new and established patients as Dr. Shaw and additional providers believe that having access to and maintaining the regular health care services that we offer will best support our patients’ overall health and wellbeing at this time.  We trust our physicians’ knowledge and training to interpret information from various sources and guidelines to create a safe clinic space. If we felt that our staff, patients, or the community was at risk then we would not be open. We are confident in our adherence to state, federal, and international guidelines taking every precaution with ongoing sanitizing procedures for all surfaces, social distancing, and a strict policy that patients or staff exhibiting signs and symptoms of acute respiratory illness and/or fever are not allowed into the clinic.


We encourage patients, if they feel comfortable, to come in for visits to support their wellbeing. We offer virtual visit options (via video chat on a phone or computer) for those with and without insurance.

What about these virtual visits?

You may feel silly scheduling a virtual visit yet our providers are here to listen to and support you through whatever you may have going onDon't worry about what you look like - we love to see your faces and help support your wellbeing

Please call the office if you or someone you live with has a fever, flu (muscle aches, fevers, chills, malaise) or moderate to severe respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breathing, wheezing). If you have traveled internationally, been on a cruise, or work in a place with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past two weeks please call the office to change to a virtual visit. If you are someone that qualifies for COVID testing we will work on getting you to the correct testing facility. Anyone can schedule a virtual visit, please email or call the clinic. We will have a separate consent form available for completion in our portal.


We have several online stores filled with discounted items including supplements that we prescribe, food, beauty products and air filters. If an item is sold out or backordered, we may be able to find other others - let us know. See our online stores here:

Social distancing:

We are practicing social distancing with patients and between patients - so please don’t be offended if we don’t shake your hand.  If you or your family member has respiratory or flu like symptoms please call us before your visit, from your car or outside and do not come in. We ask that adult patients attend their appointments alone if possible. For our minor patients, you may send the patient into the office and have all other family members wait in the car. If necessary, one parent or guardian may accompany a minor patient. We will be happy to escort patients back to the car. Please arrive on time for appointments and not early to minimize waiting in our office to decrease the amount of people present. After verbally signing in at the front, please wash your hands.

Patient Portal Access:

For those seeing Drs. Kuehner, Shaw, and Thompson - patient portal access for treatment plans, handouts, and to update your clinical information.

There will be an option to pay your account balance here in the near future!To access our secure and HIPAA compliant patient portal (from our partner OptiMantra), please click on:

Select "New Sign Up" and a link will be sent to your email and from that link you will be able to create a password then sign on to the Portal. Before your next appointment, please sign in and you will see all of the forms and information to update our records before your next visit with us.

Guidelines for Prevention Per the CDC and WHO:

The best methods to contain the spread of this disease is prevention: basic public health prevention protocols, including

-Washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20-30 seconds (about two rounds of the ABCs or  Happy Birthday song) - don’t forget to wash finger tips and thumbs. See hand washing guide here:   

-Use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not accessible     

-Sneeze and cough into your elbow or tissue (then throw it away) rather than hands    

-Avoid touching your face unless hands are washed    

-Avoid shaking hands or elbow bumps     

-Avoid large gatherings   

- Practice Social Distancing (about 3-6ft between you and someone coughing/ sneezing)  

 -Reschedule any non-urgent travel    

-Stay home if have a fever or respiratory symptoms, and contact your healthcare provider for a virtual visit

Phew you made it to that end of that post!  If any of the above is concerning to you in anyway, please reach out and we are happy to schedule time to discuss your concerns and how we can best help you. Lastly and most importantly, we care deeply for our patients and our community - thank you for choosing Sound Holistic Health. We hope to see you soon - in-person or virtual! Warmly,  Sound Holistic Providers and Staff

Follow us on social media and our website - we’ll have video check ins, updates, packages and information to help support you, your family, and friends! Instagram:

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