Reflexology is an ancient relaxation technique that  stimulates the nerve endings in your feet, hands and ears.  The feet have 6 meridians or electrical pathways which are located in the toes. These meridians run through the main internal organs of the body. By stimulating the toes, one is causing the  body to increase the life force flowing in these electrical pathways.

Reflexology is also based upon the belief that feet contain a microcosmic map of the body.  Our body has a marvelous nervous system with  “exposed” nerve endings on the surfaces of the feet, hands and ears.  Stimulating these nerve endings creates an electrical/chemical message being sent  throughout the nervous system, causing increased circulation in the entire body.   This increased circulation sends a wave of vibration through the body’s cells, breaking up disease causing congestion, allowing oxygen to penetrate all cells.  Where stagnation or congestion  occurs; aging and disease  follow.  Where oxygen flows – life flows!

Reflexology works on a holistic level.  Most diseases today are stress based.  Rather  than “treating” specific conditions, reflexology gently assists the healing process by bringing the stressed body back into a state of balance so that the body can heal itself. Reflexology  soothes the entire nervous system which in turn relaxes the body,  relieving stress and pain,thus improving overall functioning of the  body’s systems.

Reflexology  is utilized by mainstream health systems and recognized as a preventative health care modality in many countries such as China, Japan, Denmark, France, Norway,  Sweden and Great Britain.


Susan Pereira, CR